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Humvees, surfboards, and mercades bens

In a few days i will have my humvee lisence but I ran a red light and almost killed about 6 people with a hummer that would of sucked. But any way I was ready to go surfin and i couldin find my wax for my surf board and I went to the beach with a slick board but the good news is a met a cool ass aussie chick named jennie she was hot but she leaves sunday to go back so we are gonna hang out on the beach in Waikiki all day saturday cant wait she is hot. I l ove my new car its pimp all the other marines want to borrow my bens to go try to get chicks with and i told them it aint theyre ride dude its your game. west coast marines have no game what so ever. I cant wait to come home in December but its gonna suck to go from sand and beaches to a snowed in city. it doesnt get lower then 80 here i love it. I got in trouble at a club here for under age drinkin that would never happen back home FUCKIN MOEKS (local name for big ass hawaii dudes) i gotta go its not like anyone actully reads this anyway so fuck you hahaha no i am just playin.

P.s. the army and air force are a bunch of nasty bitches who dont shave or take pride in their uniforms and they are bitches and pussys anyway hahahaha. I LOVE HAWAII I JUST HATE THE PEOPLE.!.!.!.!.!
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