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I now live in Hawaii o heck yes. Life lession well learned last weekend dont get drunk and go surfing for 5 hours with no sun screen. I do miss Niagara Falls yea fuckin rite, i just miss my friends and family fuck that city. I leave for Afganastan in January gonna get me some towel heads. I love my job I am gonna start learning how to jump out of helocopters soon. But for now all i do is play video games and sleep and go to gym oh yea and surf all the time. I LOVE HAWAII. I am going to Waikiki tonite gonna get me a hawaii girl tonite but i will settle for a tourist cause the girls here are so hot. except for the old ladies and the fat ones.NO STRINGS ATTACHED RITE. I just got paid and i will be broke in 24 hours. later days.
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