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whats up down here

Well they tryed to send me to training last tuesday but delta company droped me cause of a mental health issue and they said that i should not be trusted with weapons because i have rage and anger problems. The major said he wants me seperated by may 1rst but the XO Lt. Pinconttii will not sign off on my seperation letter. i am way confused and they send me to angermangement classes now cause i tryed to stab a motherfucker with a fork in the neck cause he called me a bitch. Now the marines are just playin games with me and i am getting sick of it. The sooner i know what the fuck they are doin with me the sooner you will know. By the way my hand feels a lot better after hitting a cement wall. Well miss everyone alot Corr have fun on your trip when ever you go i miss u Later.
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