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Bored at Camp Geiger NC

Hey whats up tp everyone back at home yea the marines still suck but i plan to stay in so everyone doesn't hate me even know i think they do. Get this I get in so much trouble here but yet the still put me in charge of a deck with 75 other marines what the f is that all about. I got into a fight with a chinese food delivery guy it was funny. Dude i still cant beleive u un enrolled from school kinney. Meg i told you some tricks to do to cars since yours got fudged with go get um girl use that karate stuff you know. Corr you think you hate your job i will trade you any day of the week except weekends because i get those off. Earn that money to go on your trip. Back to the marines i have been real good since i last got in trouble cause i told someone that i wouldn't get in anymore trouble and i plan to stay out of trouble. I miss everyone alot i swear you guys are gonna get immune to me leaving all the time i think thats funny. If i had the choice to not sign up for the marines i would either be a pirate cause i just seen pirates of the caribbean wow what a great movie, or a small time mobster who makes it big cause i like john gotti and al capone and all those other people. Do you know what USMC really stands for (U) (S)IGNED A (M)other Fuckin (C)ontract. I have question of the night every night and yesterday's was whos hotter ashlee or jessica simpsons suprise guess who won ashlee simpson heck yes. tonites question will be What do you say POP SODA OR COKE i will tell the results tommarow. well gotta go i miss you corr hang in with your job because i have to. Later Byotches

PS. I bought a Paris Hilton Calender she is so effin hot
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