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The Super Bowl and NJP's

I am watching the super bowl hooray. I am in a great mood till i find out what will happen to me because i get a njp. thats a meeting with the first sgt. he is gonna punish me for going UA but i dont give a fudge. I will be in a good mood regardless. i miss everyone i wish i was there getting drunk watching the game because the jets aren't in it so who the hell cares. man its boring here all i do is sit and watch movies all day i wish i could of stayed home for the full 28 days instead of coming back after 17 days. no matter what its the same punihment as one hour ua is the same as 28 days i just found that out. i cant wait to figure out whats gonna happen with my concientous objector status. i wanna come home so bad but i know i cant because i know everyone will hate me for coming home and getting discharged right cor. Well i gotta go other marines need the compooper later people. I miss u Megan Carl Randy Adom And Cor of course but this time being away isn't so bad. well gotta go make sure you call me alot any time after 19:00 or 7 during the week and any time on the weekends feel free. Miss You guys alot. I miss u corrie and dont worry what ever happens happens okay it wont be anything real bad i promise!!!!
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