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The Last Entry For Awhile sorry

Well in a few hours I am off to the airport yet again to go back to the Marines I really dont wanna go back cause I dont feel like fighting for a war i dont beleive in so I got mixed feelings. I dont wanna leave all my friends and family behind. I rather go to school and be a teacher then be a person who gets paid to kill people. I also gotta look at it from another point of veiw look at all the stuff I get to do like jump out of airplanes and fire all sorts of guns and explode things and I get paid to do that. Not to many people in america can call themselves United State Marines the most feared people in the world. But I earned that title and I am not sure that I wanna be a Marine because I still dont know why I joined. Well enough of this shit I am gonna miss everyone so much. Adam remember what you promised if something happens to me you gotta join and avenge my death by killing some iraqi towel-heads camel jockey mother fuckin bitches okay. Carl all I have to say is that I am gonna miss you man and your roommate smells like a monkeys nut sack and he is ugly and fat too. Meg I gonna miss you, you gotta a new man in your life and he is cool not just cause I have known him since we were 8. I am gonna miss my family my mom dad grandpa and sister they are my favorite people in my family. AND YOU KNOW I AM GONNA MISS YOU CORRIE THE MOST I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN I AM GONNA MISS YOU SO MUCH I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WHILE I AM GONE I KNOW YOU WILL YOU GOT GOOD FRIENDS LIKE MEGAN CARL KATIE ADOM AND MANY MORE. I FEEL BAD WAKING YOU UP EARLY AGAIN BUT YOU DONT KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM YOU ARE COMING TO THE AIRPORT AND I WILL CALL YOU AT LEAST ONCE EVERY FEW DAYS OR MORE ONE DAY SOON ME AND YOU WILL BE WATCHIN MOVIES AND FIGHTING AND WALKING AROUND THE MALL I LOVE YOUR PARENTS AND KELLY BUT I CANT STAND BOSTON. JUST REMEMBER WHAT I SAID GOOD THINGS ARE WORTH WAITTING FOR. AND ON THAT NOTE I END THIS ENTRY SAYING I AM GONNA MISS ALL YOU GUYS ALOT AND ONE DAY WE WILL BE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN ALL OF US HANGING OUT IN CORRIE'S BASEMENT WATCHING NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. CORRIE AGAIN I AM GONNA MISS YOU SO MUCH I ALMOST CRYED WHILE I AM WRITING THIS SO I AM GONNA STOP AND I WILL SEE YOU AT THE AIRPORT. I AM NOT JOKING I MEAN EVERY WORD IN THIS ENTRY. I AM SO LUCKY TO HAVE A GREAT GIRLFRIEND AND FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAT SUPPORT ME THANK YOU AGAIN

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