Jeremy Colt (jerbear0002) wrote,
Jeremy Colt

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the funny last nite

well last nite was fun arty came over corrie's house and i was nice i didn't say anything to him. Well i really couldn't anyway because he spent most of his time in the bathroom on the phone with satans stepchild. Man i wish I knew Disney movie I sucked at that game. If u guys realized Randy was sleepy to not just me and adam u were gonna shave of my eyebrow but i was awake the rest of the night except when i fell asleep in the bed of stuffed animals. That was funny making fun of people in that actting game Down Syndrome and the hairy muffin. Megan if I heard you complan about how long that movie was again I was gonna hit you in the head with a boot. Well i gotta got start getting ready for a stupid as dinner that I dont wanna go to but i will go anyway just for free food.
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